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Marketing of Energy on the free market

How Does It Work? There is no difference in how the energy will arrive in your company. Both the captive energy, as free energy are available in electric network. Only the contract and the new meters installed system is setting in which model of tariff will apply to your account. There will be a division of accounts where the current will come only with transmission costs, and Distribution charges and another account that will come through the installation of a second light meter with the value traded on the free market and with descriptions for payment to Free Generators. The economy may reach 15%.

Reliability: LAAGER represents commercially one of the most experienced and largest groups of generation and trading on the open market, America Energy has 10 years of experience and quality in services given and renowned customers of various sizes and activities.

Smart Metering – gas ,water and electricity.

The needs of the national market for modern technological solutions that promote social justice and optimization in the use of critical resources, especially energy, water and gas are some of the fundamental foundations of the LAAGER. The LAAGER offers its customers solutions in Macromedição of networks for municipalities and industries, as well as Individual Metering for residential and commercial condominiums, experienced, qualified professionals and updated.

All our products are certified by competent national and international bodies:

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CLOU provides complete EPC service include renewable energy and power transmission.

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Advanced Metering System

System has features of strong fusion capacity,integrated solution, multi-channel.

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Solar PV Generation System

PV power is unlimited, green, secure and reliable; also it is not limited to the region.