Cluster Collection Solution


Cluster collection solution is perfectly designed for the residential user area, several user share one transformer, the meter installed in the same meter box. Our Cluster collection solution is a complete solution for that, the meter is plug&play design which means the meter is easy to install, the communicate is build-in design in the meter box, the meter is simple and focuses on the measurement functions and build-in relay, low cost and efficient. Flexible integration, the basic version is 12 position, including 12 pcs single phase meter, one collector which is the gateway for local communication and remote communication, if install two of them together, that is 24 position solution, the local communication will integrate, the remoter connection will be share. Each two position use different phase from the transformer, so easy to install two phase meter and three phase meter.

Each meter connects to the collector by the RS-485 bus which is in deep of the meter box when plugging the meter into the meter box.

The collector is a multiple communication gateway:

  • Uplink communication: support GPRS/3G/LTE to AMI
  • Downlink communication: PLC/RF to each of UIU;
  • Local communication; Wi-Fi, LBE5.0
  • Sensor signal input port, like the temper and door open event.

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CLOU provides complete EPC service include renewable energy and power transmission.

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Advanced Metering System

System has features of strong fusion capacity,integrated solution, multi-channel.

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Solar PV Generation System

PV power is unlimited, green, secure and reliable; also it is not limited to the region.