Meter Production Line Overall Design

CLOU can provide consultancy and planning for meter production lines acc. to customer demands.


  • Error measurement for single-phase, three phase 3W and 4W
  • Measurement modes: active, reactive, apparent
  • Detects harmonics up to 63rd
  • Wave form display
  • Vectorial display

Business Scope

  • Planning
  • Installation of equipment and production line
  • Commissioning
  • Training engineers and staff
  • Integration of production and quality management system
  • Supply of SKD and CKD components
  • Technical support

Technical Parameters

Class 0.05
Range 0…480 V
Accuracy 0.05% 30 V≤U≤ 480 V
Clamp 5 A(option 100 A、500 A、1000 A)
Direct 0.05% (0.02 A≤I≤24 A)

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CLOU provides complete EPC service include renewable energy and power transmission.

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Advanced Metering System

System has features of strong fusion capacity,integrated solution, multi-channel.

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Solar PV Generation System

PV power is unlimited, green, secure and reliable; also it is not limited to the region.